Sharron Davies MBE

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SHARRON DAVIES. MBESharron remains one of Britain’s most recognisable sporting women. Astonishingly she first represented Great Britain as a 11 year-old swimmer, was an Olympian at 13 and has lived her life in the public eye ever since. An extraordinary swimming career saw medals in all major championships and a staggering 200+ national and international records, some of which stood for over a decade. As a 15-year-old she was a double Commonwealth Gold Medallist and her famous Olympic Silver Medal was achieved only behind a proven steroid assisted East German.A successful high profile media career has spanned over 25 years and encompassed: children’s programmes, breakfast TV including a period presenting Channel 4’s hugely successful ‘Big Breakfast’, guest slots on programmes as varied as The Gadget Show, Hale & Pace and French & Saunders and presenting duties on Superstars and six Olympic Games for the BBC so far (experiencing nine as a competitor and broadcaster). Sharron has also regualrly featured on the likes of Question of Sport and They Think It’s All Over

Business success and significant charity commitments have also played a major part in Sharron’s busy life. Her time on Gladiators as ‘Amazon’ won her a whole new audience and she remains in continuous demand for TV work, radio broadcasts, newspaper and magazine interviews, photo shoots and personal appearances. She is also a dedicated mother of three

Sharron has known triumph and adversity in her personal life and in a sporting context and knows what it takes to operate at the highest level, to prioritise, multi-task, overcome obstacles and attain

Jennifer represented GB over 20 times in track athletics and picked up a ‘full house’ of Gold, Silver & Bronze medals in Olympic and Commonwealth Games and European Championships. Like Sharron she has had an up close and personal view of life in elite sport and her time as Sally Gunnell’s Barcelona Olympics roommate provides fascinating recollections and stories. As ‘ Rebel’ Jennifer was a popular member of ITV’s Gladiators and she has appeared twice on Sky’s new version of the show competing as a ‘Legend’. In an even bigger Gladiator project she worked alongside Russell Crowe in the epic movie of the same name. Now a mother of two Jennifer combines business and athletics by running a leading agency and looking after some of our most talented competitors.
Jennifer’s life is the basis for a thoroughly engaging talk and her expertise in health and fitness is channelled into an presentation showing the way they can be used to improve personal wellbeing, confidence, performance, energy and motivation in all aspects of life.
 Diane is best known to millions as ‘Jet’ from Gladiators. For four years she was the fans favourite on the smash hit show that regularly attracted 10 million+ primetime viewers. But there is a lot more to Diane than that! Sport has been in her blood from a very early age and she was North of England Gymnastics Champion for four years and a member of the GB Team. Her love of dance led her to a place at London’s Contemporary School of Dance and The Dance Studio where she graduated as a top performer and choreographer. Her love of acting saw her join the National Youth Theatre where she worked alongside the likes of Daniel Craig and Elizabeth Hurley. Many roles on TV and stage have followed.Away from the stage and screen Diane is a fully qualified and practicing Psychotherapist and Counsellor as well as a teaching fitness professional. Her trained background in theatre, TV and BBC radio broadcasting ensure excellent presentation skills
 Dubbed ‘A real life Lara Croft’ by the media, Joey is a true all-action girl. The 4 x UK Fitness Champion is a mountaineer and instructor, adventure athlete, classically trained dancer and choreographer, linguist, model, TV presenter, top international trainer and much more including mother! She knows all about setting tasks, preparing, tackling challenges and succeeding. Joey faced adversity when an injury ended her dream of being a principal dancer. She refocussed, re-set her goals and has gone on to rack up a significant number of extraordinary acheivements – all of which have demanded determination, clear thinking, planning and disciplineAs a fitness trainer she has worked with popstars, society figures, sportspeople, first time exercisers and children. She has achieved remarkable results with her clients, not only helping them physically but psychologically and in general lifestyle matters.NOTE. Sharron is able to draw on further presenters male and female from her extensive list of contacts. Enquire for further details

Picture Sharron with Jennifer Stoute
Studies at Exeter University have proven the long held belief that there is a direct link between what it takes to succeed in the sporting arena and how to win in businessSharron Davies MBE is familiar with both and brings her extraordinary life and achievements as well as over 25 years motivational speaking experience to bear on a captivating and valuable presentation.She has assembled a stable of remarkable achievers and gifted speakers who come from different backgrounds and disciplines but who know all about winning, beating the odds, juggling responsibilities and scaling the heights of success. Individually and as a team Sharron and her colleagues are able to provide examples, anecdotes and messages that will inspire and direct workforces to greater performances and help them remain positive, determined and focused when problems occur.

The powerpoint presentations are adaptable and versatile with Sharron and her team capable of tailoring presentations to suit the specific requirements of an audience. From big business corporate settings to schools, colleges, Universities and social groups – audiences will be entertained and inspired. Question and Answer sessions are encouraged and those in attendance will be able to meet the speakers
The flexible nature of the presentations means that a single speaker or up to three presenters can be utilised according to requirements, time availability and budget
It has never been more important to focus, inspire and motivate individuals and teams.

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