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  • Motivational Speaking

    Studies at Exeter University have proven the long held belief that there is a direct link between what it takes to succeed in the sporting arena and how to win in business Sharron Davies MBE is familiar with both and brings her extraordinary life and achievements as well as over 25 years motivational speaking experience to bear in a captivating and valuable presentation. She talks about 40 years involved with top level sport that covers over 10 Olympic Games as either competitor or presenter, and how life will bring highs and lows along the way. Why its important to build and rely on your team is covered,  why target setting is important and especially why the ability to metaphorically "get up again" is so important in a world that will challenge you continually and give you set backs. Read More....

  • After Dinner

    After dinner talks, Q&A's. Informal or formal presentations. Award ceremony hosting.

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